Health Education Standards for Ohio

“The health and well-being of our nation’s young people is not a matter of luck. It is not a chance or random event. It must be a planned outcome. The case for well-designed, well-resourced, and sustained health education in the nation’s schools is compelling.”

– Statement from the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association

The Set the Standards Coalition is committed to addressing the lack of statewide health education standards in Ohio.  Without standards, Ohio is doing a disservice to our children.  We can provide a strong foundation for the future health of our children and our state.  We can do better!



Ohio is one of two states in the U.S. without state standards – the other is Iowa.  State education standards provide a definition of quality for local schools. By establishing a minimum level of education, Ohio can be confident that all students are receiving basic information, while still giving schools options for greater achievement.  Health Education standards still provide local control over content areas.

The Set the Standards Coalition support Ohio House Bill 256, which will establish state health education standards.  The bill is championed by Representatives Sykes and Wachtmann.

Just the facts

Adopting Health Education Standards will:

  • Set quality standards for the state, while still maintaining local options
  • Increase personal responsibility by providing a quality health education as the framework
  • Help prepare a healthy Ohio workforce for tomorrow and decrease state and business healthcare costs

What are Health Education Standards?


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  1. 1

    Julie Renner said,

    Has any ground been made with regards to state standards for Health Education? I would like to know where I could introduce a plan for lifestyle learning targets and wanted some back up to present to districts. Currently our children’s health education falls to 1 semester of “health” as a freshman after the sixth grade year in the name of providing more technology.

  2. 2

    Karen Cottrell said,

    No subject is more important than Health in our schools. Our children need to learn practical life skills to help them reach their academic and personal goals in life at the highest potential. Skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, time-management, goal-setting, communication skills, assertiveness skills and to seek medically accurate information using technology and other resources. A comprehensive Health curriculum is needed in Ohio. We are not providing our kids the basic skills needed to be successful and healthy individuals.

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