About Us

Buckeye Healthy Schools Alliance (BHSA) is Ohio’s leading statewide school health coalition.  BHSA hosts an annual school health conference, offers regional workshops, provides technical assistance to educators and coalitions, disseminates information and otherwise works to educate Ohio about the impact health has on learning. BHSA is a volunteer partnership of those concerned for the health and wellness of students and educators in Ohio. 

BHSA Members Include:

BHSA Vision
Healthy Youth, Successful Schools & Thriving Communities.

BHSA Mission
On behalf of Ohio’s Students, promote a coordinated approach to school health that supports educational achievement for lifelong success.

BHSA Goals
To provide programs, professional development, technical assistance, and other resources and services to school personnel to build the capacity of public officials and community leaders to implement and enhance effective, coordinated school health programs.

To educate decision makers and the public in order to support policies, make funding available and implement programs which benefit the health of individuals & communities.

To serve as a forum for synergistic collaboration in the interest of supporting policies, making funding available and implementing programs which benefit the health of individuals & communities.

To learn more about the BHSA or its partner organizations, visit http://www.bhsalliance.org/

Steering Committee Members of Set the Standards

The Steering Committee of Set the Standards Coalition are members of diverse organizations dedicated to the development of state health education standards.  Members recognize the role of quality health education on the ability to address many health and wellness issues.

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