Good policy is told through great stories.

In order to illustrate to decision makers why health education standards matter, we need the support of health education teachers, parents and administrators.  Your voice can make the difference on successful passage of state health education standards in Ohio.

Will you lend your voice?

There are lots of ways to support the effort and we’ll help you by providing resource.  By adding your  name to the list, we’ll follow up.  Click on the link to add your name.

What are the 8 standards? 

1.  Students will learn how healthy behaviors affect personal health.  For example, students will be able to describe the relationship between healthy foods and a healthy body.

2.  Students will learn how peers, media, family, technology and culture influence their health behaviors.  For example, students will learn the impact of video gaming on their physical activity.

3.  Students will learn how to access new information on health that is valid and credible.  This could be through the internet, adults or professionals.

4. Students learn how to communicate health decisions that enhance their health or avoiding bad decisions.  For example, they will learn how to communicate their decision to not eat junk food.

5.  Students learn decision making skills.  This is another life skill building standard. 

6.  Students learn the use of goal setting.  For example, they may decide to eat a healthy breakfast every day. 

7. Students practice positive health behaviors.  Great examples are good hand washing or brushing their teeth. 

8.  Students learn how to advocate for healthy behaviors in their family and community.

 *While topics are included as examples, the National Health Education Standards are not content specific.  Decisions on content are left to local needs and priorities.


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